iClone 7
Issue 7292
iClone: Up to 100% GPU usage while idle without any project content
Open iClone. Watch GPU usage in task manager. It varies between 5% and 100%.

Same with CC, but varies between 25% and 100% there. Will make another issue for CC.

I observed that this get much better once I close CC (which was open in parallel), GPU with still peak to 100% every now and then, but on rarely.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byalexis.kyaw
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Glad to hear that the issue is gone,
hope you enjoy CC, iClone, Cartoon Animator : )
Ah... I also uninstalled Unreal Engine to free up space and because it wasn't very usable on the machine anyway together with iClone. It might be related to that.
The problem has disappeared.

It seems to be fixed with the latest versions, but only after reinstallation.

I had updated right after the update came in (I think yesterday?) and checked again then - but the problem was still there. 

I reinstalled CC, iClone and Cartoon Animator today because I had to move the content to an external disk and only during install you can change the template library paths. Now they are behaving just fine. 0% GPU and very low CPU. I will do the same on the other machine to see if it helps there, too.
Well, almost right. When I close CC3 it get much better, but still stays at minimum 5% and sometimes peak to 100%.

On the HP Omen it's ok.
Hi Alexis,

Thank you for helping, may I repeat your problem in my own words again:
When open both iClone and CC3, both on default project,
both with "Reduce Idle Load" preference enabled.

On Acer ConceptD laptop (RTX 5000), the GPU usage of iClone is between 5%~100%.
CC is between 25%~100%

The laptop fans became loud within 25seconds.

If you close CC3, the high GPU usage is relieved.

On Hp Omen (RTX 2080 Max-Q), there is no high GPU usage.
Did I got it right ?

May I confirm that Hp Omen doesn't have this issue ?

And a few more question:
1) If you only launch CC3, does high GPU usage happens ?

2) If you turn off GI on CC3's default project, does high GPU usage happens ?

3) Does Acer ConceptD using plugged power or battery affects the result ?

Weien Reallusion
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