Character Creator 3
Issue 5952
exporting skin details layers
here a new sugestion, would be cool to have a option to export in separated transparence or alpha, the details layers of the texture, add a option where i can choose to when exporting a character to the engine like exporting to unreal, instead of exporting all the make up like lipstick, eyebrows, eyelines wounds, tattoos, scars and bla bla bla, we can export all that details in they own details maps and get the skin base in they own texture.

The reason for this is which it can be used inside unreal to create customizations system, you can get that "masks" to be applied in the texture as masks it make you able to allow add any details to any sort of skin without have to have each skin with each detail, while for "single games without a customization system have everything in a single texture can be fine, if you really want to make a strong customization system inside the unreal then it is bad because it could means which i would need to have countless varations of the same skin for each detail and combinations making it a high demand and bloated unless you make a very basic system.

with the ability to export each detail in it's own layer you only need a single skin and can apply all in that single skin and can add all on others skin colors aswell reducing the ammount of textures needed and great improving the customization.

take the demo video
then after we choose all the details to add and go to "export" we have a option to mark to instead of it get direct applied to the base skin, each detail will be exported in it's own texture base as a alpha or transparence to be used as a mask in the engine then the player will be able to choose to add it himself or other color, then all the user need to do is just choose all the combinations he want to add in the game and export all the details texture he needs, using that system.
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Submitted byEllessarr
This is really good to know in detail because I am sure that there are lot of other things that can help people to make their skin better and pretty than anything else without using any scrubs or other artificial things.
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