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Issue 7992
double icons created when adding content to custom library
since 9.1
any time an item is added or updated to a custom library inside the program, two icons are created one is a link to the item itself, the other is a link to a shortcut. this happens both in Iclone and CC. however if a custom item is exported into a custom library via Xchange this does not happen.
this happens when
1) with Iclone any item exported into a custom library via xchange, which is modified within iclone and saved over the old file
2) any item sent to iclone then subsequently saved to a library
the same thing happens in CC3 and it appears that only when a user saves an item does icone and CC created a shortcut and a double icon apprear's

this litters custom libraries with duplicate icons. I can find no information as to why this happens and deleting the shortcut doesnt seem to affect anything.
So I am constantly clicking on "find File " and deleting the shortcuts .
I was hoping that 9.2 would fix this but it still persists since the update
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byblindman
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Ascensi  reenforces  my point that the update is to blame as i indicated in my original report the problem with relative and absolute references during program installations and program settings.
You are correct I am unwilling to hand over a complete route map of my PC to a third party, However as any program only effects certain parts of a systems configuration if you can be more specific about what you are looking for I wouild be willing to provide the relevent portions.
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Hi blindman

Yes the program updating may be one of the reason that causes your issue, and that why we're asking for your information to clarify problem.
But it's okay if you don't want to provide those info, and you can visit our support team to get the personally help:

Thanks for contacting us.
Windows installs with the documents folder by default to "C\:" so of course I moved the documents folder from "C\:" to "D\:" as per the Microsoft procedure

but you clearly are not accepting the root  problem.

I was using a separate "D" drive as a documents folder without this issue prior to the 7.91. its only since this update do i get double icons, so it has nothing to do with a different  document drive .

Fault diagnosis 101 "what change occurred immediately before the fault" answer update to 7.91
as stated when this first occurred I rolled the update back and the double icon bug went away, but reappeared after i reinstalled the 7.91 update,

Your comment that I should reset the folder locations because  its "different between real path and setting path"  is nonsense, the real location of the content  is "D\:documents\"
My system is configured to use a separate "D" drive as a documents location,  so it would be stupid to  reset my smart gallery folders to your  default location e.g C\: users\xxxxxx\documents\realusion\.  . As it would  point smart gallery to a location that "DOES NOT EXIST"
see  "empty documents folder.PNG"
This might work but would only hide the bug not fix it.  and it would definitely cause all of the default content to disappear and break both iclone and CC3.

If realusion insists on heavy integration of content management then it should make sure that updates dont interfere with a legitimate configuration of windows. using a different drive location is no different to using a network or cloud location and to imply that  this is the fault , when the only change for the bug to appear was an update is beyond belief, as again iclone and CC3 were fine before the 7.91 update,

you still Haven't addressed the fact that the double icon doesn't appear when custom content is saved app to app e.g to iclone from either 3Dxchange  or CC3 with exactly the same system setup you seem fixated on blaming.

the double icon only appears when  a user saves custom content to the program they are in. So clearly the bug is related to how CC3 and iclone handle the way custom content is saved, handling  user saves different from app to app saves.

As per the request from Tina the system info file does not contain the registry so would not be of help for that.
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@Tina, thanks, I tried resetting to default but the paths are the same, nothing changes. iClone can't tell the difference between a folder in its directory that is set to a different hard drive location, it sees it as just a normal folder so I don't think that is the issue specifically. 

 I think you might have a line of code that tells it to write to drive C as an "absolute" path rather than "from reference/relative", storing a copy of the icon in Smart Gallery's database rather than getting it from the file where it is saved to. I'm only speculating but I've worked with databases before and they can store images and in this case we might be seeing a duplicate the database is making rather than displaying the referenced image.
I configured my win10 operating system to use a separate drive as a documents location, as per the microsoft instructions. I know that some programmes such as CLO cant deal with this as the template folders is hard coded into the instalation and configuration settings. trying to do so with such programs causes the template folder to be inaccessable. so they have to be left in the "C:\users\public\" location

This is not the case with  Iclone or CC3 as the programs writes the correct document location into the registry (see attachment DoubleLink3)
However as I stated in the original bug report, both iclone and CC3 only started making double icons after the previous to last update, meaning that this update is at fault. 
basic logic dictates,  It didnt do it before the reallusion update, and rolling back the update fixes the problem, rolling the update forward, and the problem comes back........
 I only reported it after the following and latest update still had the same problem. 
As far as wortk flow I simply import a created item throught the create/accessory/ path. Once its been fitted to a character I save it to the custom library. thats it !
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Hi blindman

Do you have installed Smart Gallery?
If yes, please open Smart Gallery, click "Menu" button on panel top-right, select "Settings"
Then check both Template & Custom Folder path, and you can click "Default" button to reset them.

But if you have manually changed the content path and the data in Registry Editor, it would be better to provide us your system info to clarify issue.
You can follow the instruction to get the file, then post it in your next comment, please feel free to tick "Private Comment" if you want:

Please contact us if any, thank you.
Could you record your workflow?

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Lian Reallusion
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