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distorted shoe import
hi , i have been trying import high heel shoes from DAZ via FBX into CC3 in their correct foot pose, but the shoes always import flat footed, which distorts the shoe, is there a fix to this please?
OS: Windows 10
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Hello Tech Support, 

Not sure if that was the solution for holocule, but it doesn't work for me. I actually have been having the same problem, only to see that the fix you mentioned, that I have been using, actually distorts the toes even more, leaving them in a curled position, rather than staying flat on the ground, and only raising the back heel portion, or better yet, just adding a feature in this case where only the foot is rotated to fit the ground properly in the heels. Is there any way to fix this? Please refer to the examples in the attachments. The first one is showing the Party Dress w/ Heels from DAZ transformed before using the Heels adjust feature. The last one is after using it, and you see how it lifts the shoe, but then curls the toes up even more, instead of just straightening them out the right way. Is there a way to fix this? 

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • DAZ Party Dress with Heels.png
  • DAZ Party Dress with Heels using High Heels Adjustment.png
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Hi LogicalWarrior, 

Thanks for your feedback!
Can you provide this character to us, so that we can identify problem properly?
You can attach zip files in your next comment, if file size is larger than 10MB, you can upload to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox.
And put the link in next comment, you can set as private comment if you want.
Your help is highly appreciated!

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Hi holocule,

Thanks for your feedback!
You can use "High Heels " function to adjust Heel height.
Hope this will fix the issue about the shoes!