iClone 7
Issue 6381
clothing on cc models (animated in iclone) not conforming to model in unreal (3dxchange to unreal)
1st issue::: Clothing from CC on CC model - not conforming to the model in Unreal (import) / and cloth painting in unreal doesnt work as a possible fix
CC auto setup seems only apply to cc directly to unreal without an option to do auto setup for cc models that have been animated in iclone - it would be really nice if this were possible but what about cc to iclone with animations and motionplus (facial animations) to 3dxchange to unreal?
When exporting cc characters to iclone to 3dxchange (with collect clip) to unreal there is a reoccurring issue with clothing not being imported properly (see attached)
Ive considered many possible fix approaches and some suggest to have their origin in scaling but I think scaling in 3dxchange is constant and not the root of the problem
Models animations and clothing - everything - is perfect in 3dxchange and therefore should be imported correctly in unreal with the unreal preset - correct or not lol??
Maybe a solution is to bake clothing or the insta-lod feature in CC prior to going to iclone? then to 3dxchange? (to combine clothing when clothing physics isnt necessary...
In unreal the scale of the model is odd (345x84X279) suggesting that it could be a scaling problem - but I dont know where to fix/adjust the scale -that is - if this is in fact the root of the problem) (scale adjustment at what stage? in CC? - in iclone? - in 3dxchange? unreal import?) there is no option for scaling / or option that isn't already uniform at any stage (not sure tho)
It wjould be great if you guys could provide several possible options or walkarounds to deal with this problem

2nd issue::: model imported into iclone - again, works perfectly with animations and motionplus facial animations but when imported into unreal has problems-
model "travels" around map (with animation)
It would be amazing awesome if when a model is working properly -in every way- in 3dxchange - that importing into unreal with the unreal preset the same way every time would work every time - seems that if you can get to this 3dxchange step with everything working that the variables would be eliminated but aren't unfortunately
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Submitted byrobmbaker
hi there, sorry for reopening this thread. 

I am using iClone7 and UE4.25.2 and i am having somewhat of a similar problem.

When exporting from iClone7 to UE4, wether i use live link/transfer file or export via fbx, my model comes in without physics asset and also without cloth animation.

I have already baked the physics of the cloth down to the timeline like showed in one of the official tutorials from Reallusion Youtube Page. I´ve spent the whole day triing to figure out how i can get this to work, without any success.

For me this seems like there´s a bug with iClone, because in the Tutorial Videos it get explained step by step and i have followed everything steo by step but it does not work.

What also happens is, if i import a Char from iClone to UE4 vie the live link/transfer file, and, for some reason export it again from iClone via transfer file, the skeletal mesh get´s deleted then in Unreal, only the Skeleton itself remains. 
I will try to make a video of my approach here tomorrow so you can see what i´m doing and maybe see what i am missing, i´m relly stuck on this and really wnat to figure this out before i buy that really neat software.
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Hi robmbaker,

Can you check "Import Morph Targets" and try it again?

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Hi robmbaker,

Did you check "Import Morph Targets" in Unreal FBX Import Options pannel?

Please provide your ccAvatar with dirt on the cloths to help us identify the problem. Attach the file in your next comment. If the file size is larger than 10MB, you can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and put the link in your comment. 
You can use Private Comment if you want to keep it private.

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Hi Molly!
Thanks for responding
I was able to export with facial animations to unreal without the issue of the cloths being offset by exporting an fbx directly from iclone the way you suggested 
however I did it a little different
I did a save motionplus *to library* and saved to a folder of my choice (Rclick on collect clip for option)
Then I applied the saved animation to the same character in a new project and then exported the FBX with Soft Cloth Bake Animation in Project Settings panel checked
I dont know if this step was necessary, but I remember that if you just export a FBX directly from iclone then it exports without facial animations

...The export to unreal wasnt without some other issues though
I have to fix textures as usual...
One thing thats particularly upsetting is that if you send to 3dxchange... dirt on the cloths (applied back in CC) shows up but doesnt in iclone and doesnt in unreal ...its there but invisible lol
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Hi robmbaker,

Please check Soft Cloth Bake Aniamtion in Project Settings panel, then apply motion and play project. Export FBX to Unreal again. Please let me know the resoult.

Your help is highly appreciated.

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