Character Creator 3
Issue 4093
Without the ability to set the eyes to close properly, Daz Transformer imports won't work
About 30% of the Daz females (and some small percentage of the Daz guys) have very wide open eyes that will not work properly when brought in via Transformer. We need the ability to be able to edit the amount of default eye closure so they can blink. There doesn't appear to be any way to change the default expressions inside of CC3, although you could do this with XChange 7 (but CC3 is supposed to be standalone, right?).
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Submitted byKelleytoons
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Is there a tutorial that shows how to edit eye ranges in 3DXchange? I'm having the same issue with a Daz character that I imported from Daz into 3DXChange to IClone. I didn't even use the transformer.
I'd go even further. I would like to see a FULL Expression editor inside CC3. Indeed, we should not go to 3DX to edit facial expressions.
It is vital to correct the morphs of eye closure!
I don't even think this is doable in XChange, Reallusion, so this SHOULD be marked as a bug.  In XChange you need to create a morph for it (which you have to do OUTSIDE of XChange).  If you are going to have a Transformer feature that doesn't work, it's a bug in the program (and it won't work for about 1/3 of the characters you bring over).

However, since you marked it as a suggestion I doubt whether anyone at RL will even look at this again (or even this message).
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