iClone 7
Issue 3664
With some projects, the view port freezes and is no longer updated
This is a strange problem that happens occasionally and is hard to reproduce. However, today I was working on a very simple project, which seems to cause the view port to freeze almost every time.

Follow this link to download a ZIP file with the project: .

Unzip the file and then load the project. It will show a texture on a plane, filling almost the whole view port (which has a square aspect ratio).

The current camera is "Camera". Try switching to Preview, which should change the point of view but doesn't. (At least for me it doesn't.)

The user interface is still active (the file can be saved for example), but the view port is frozen.

Another way to test is by selecting a light and trying to rotate it. The view port image does not change.

I have no explanation for this, but I have had it happen randomly with other projects and also in earlier 7.x versions.

OS: Windows 10 Pro. GPU: GTX 1080 with driver version 385.41. I use this driver release because later drivers caused stability problems.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimagic
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback

We can not clearly reproduce this issue even with your project, however, we doubt that it might be related with a ROV defect in recent versions of nVidia GTX 9 & 10 series display drivers.

Please try the following steps for the workaround:
1. Update iClone to v7.21
2. Download this zip file:
3. Unzip, and run the IC-7-Rov-OFF.reg to turn off the ROV feature in iClone.
4. Restart iClone.

Please let us know whether this issue can be solved?

This issue is also happening to me. 
The viewport locks up with my project - not overly complex, a project with geometry imported via the 3d exchange from Daz Studio.

Using latest video drivers, also GTX1080 and also Windows 10. 

I was hoping to use iClone for the second season of my YouTube series, because it has better animation features than Daz Studio and it has a simpler pipeline than the horrible process I had to use before, but - it seems that it's extremely unstable.

Please investigate this and fix.
I also have this issue of iclone 7 locking up becoming unusable i can adjust anything click button but nothing happens the project window does not move the program becomes a dead stick

Here is a video of the issue this is a major problem if your being paid to create a project but cannot because iclone is unusable........
I can't reproduce the issue. See my post with screen shots: