Character Creator 4
Issue 8625
Why Tear-Line is excluded from Iray materials and render?
I am not sure about the reason behind Tear-Line exclusion from Iray.
It is simply becomes invisible while rendering with Iray.
Not only that. I believe you guys should work out a better Iray shader for eyes, which is quite underdeveloped compare to real-time DHS.

And while we talk about Iray shaders, the default skin shader requires some overhaul.
Particularly Roughness and skin saturation.

While I understand it might be hard to reproduce eyes refraction and "lens" effect in Iray (similarly to DHS) for eyes, please spend some time doing side by side compassion between real-time and Iray and update skin and eyes shaders.

I have this Camila render with added custom tear-line mesh (I could not make it follow the eyes animation though) and customized head and eyes shaders. I have also worked out eyes texture to make it look more natural. I am sure it is possible to create and maybe even sell a special eyes texture set specifically for rendering with Iray.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges
Forgot to mention, I think the skin shader assigned to all body mats should be set with SSS by default and the color texture might need more saturation to have the same color as iC4 native render. 
The pupils aren't completely black, I had to revise mine.. there is also too much reflection past the pupil. Its in interesting effect real pupils have. I also experimented with applying the reflection shader to the eyes but I think this should be added to the pupil with a concave lensing effect/Fresnel because light/reflection seems to bend like a mirror only in the pupil area.

A light reflection normally doesn't shine completely across the eyes making the eyes have light glare so you have to use an opacity map.
It took some testing but I made these images and found settings that seem to work pretty good.

The pupil in the last image is fully black.. I've looked at many photos and eyes and pupils are black unless people are going blind..  this might help bring out the eyes better for you.
  • std eye roughness.png
  • cornea roughness doesn't work with IBL so otherwise keep on digital human shader.png
  • cornea opacity set to 50 percent strength.png
  • Replace all colormaps.png
Try this for now, export your character via FBX and import and characterize as HIK, you should have access to the material and it will work with the animation :)