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Issue 6921
Water/Wave system - 2 procedural Greyscale Displacement slots (x & z direction), 1 simplified textureless Vector Displacement for wave curling to one output
Hi I've mention this in Webinars but I thought I'd bring this up again with new wave driver -Ocean Audio! (through sound frequency triggers)

I think the more noise an audio signal has the more noise could be generated for the white water and this would likely be a trigger from the upper frequency region. Amplitude would likely be used to grow a wave.

I'd like to use a real ocean wave audio recording.. I think the audio as a source position in the scene would either have to move in z or x with the water to trigger a wave below it or have a condition that would only apply the noise audio spectrum at the last wave.
The wave can be programmed to move in a desired direction also based on amplitude to get the speed but will end once it finishes breaking up on the shore until it's triggered again by a minimum amplitude sound level. A realtime "procedural" Vector displacement slot designated for height wave/ UV scroll position can be programmed to move in a z or x direction just like an LED on a mixer and the wave vector displacement shape can be set by user preference (random min/max width & length) or automatically set to curl triggered by the start of the white noise frequency range-the louder the audio is the bigger the curling wave.

I've seen other VFX tools use Amplitude and frequencies to trigger animations and I know there is a tool for iClone so I'm hopeful this could work realistically and in sync with actual ocean recordings.

A a special blend texture representing foam could fade in/out based on the upper frequency amplitude range of white noise.

I'm hoping that there would be no need to use displacement textures of any kind if the slots are procedural, this might even provide better performance. No foam textures needed either if an advance noise generator was added with a color channel. This shader could be very interesting if it could be applied to characters and for pipeline users perhaps animated textures could be generated.

Upon driving props simulating physics, the object could be attached to the audio source position with a lazy follow option so users can adjust it as the density. This would be similar to a smooth camera follow option that's typically available in game engines.

A forth displacement slot could be a procedural noise in a spiral shape that can be tiled & scaled to produce a whirlpool or riptides.

If this isn't fast enough for realtime perhaps the generator can be baked into animated textures 1 animated vector displacement that would have all displacement shape and movement directions combined.
OS: Windows 10
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