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Virtual Productions
Hi for a future update id love to see more done with Pop Video which I've found has been a massive help with my work in video compositing. I don't think any other package out there does this as easy and as streamlined as Iclone with the ability to move them round as billboards and have it match up with lighting and visual FX its really brilliant.

Recently there has been alot of development been made with Unreal in virtual productions. I don't see why this couldn't also be implemented into Iclone using popvideo to produce Live virtual streams mixing live footage with the 3d world. With the ability to both stream pop video footage and also record in iclone in real time.

I would also like to see the ability to use a mobile phone as a virtual camera. Or even virtual reality equipment such as the vive trackers used as virtual camera with the iphone used as a monitor to see the 3d world, this would lead to some amazing results and iclone i feel is the perfect platform due to its simplicity and ease of use. The problem with alot of other software is the that they arnt user friendly. Iclone doesn't have that problem it allows artists to be artists. I can only imagine how the future will be when final renders have the quality of a unreal render and with all the features above all built in iclone as a stand alone. This will all result in some quality movie making. I hope you keep in my suggestions.
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Hi H4voc,

I changed the product to iClone 7.73, so that this suggestion can be discussed in the future development of iClone.
Your suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks!