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Unreal project can not compile with LiveLink plugin
I am currently trying the Live link plugin for UE4. once i put the plugin files into my projects folder(or the engines plugin folder) and open up my project, everything runs fine. but when i try to compile my code (it is a c++ project) it tells me that it cant find RLLiveLink module.
However that makes sense because there is no source folder in my downloaded plugin folder.

I'll attach the logs when compiling the plugin. Once i create the source files manually, The error changes to "unknown external symbol" error for macros used by the plugin. At this point i do not know what to do, because there is no source code to correct these things.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. put the RLLiveLink Plugin into a c++ projects plugin folder(or the engine ones)
2. compile the c++ project with the plugins activated
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytobi.cornreborn
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Hi tobi.cornreborn,

Thank you for your feedback. If you want to  Rebuild Solution in Studio, there is a workaround:
1. Cut RL Live Link Plugins folder, and paste to another folder.
2. Open Unreal project, File menu choose Refresh Visual Studio Project, then close Unreal
3. open sln file, Build menu choose Rebuild Solution

When you rebuild successfully, please copy RL Live Link Plugins folder to C++ project, then launch Unreal.

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