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Unreal project can not compile with LiveLink plugin
I am currently trying the Live link plugin for UE4. once i put the plugin files into my projects folder(or the engines plugin folder) and open up my project, everything runs fine. but when i try to compile my code (it is a c++ project) it tells me that it cant find RLLiveLink module.
However that makes sense because there is no source folder in my downloaded plugin folder.

I'll attach the logs when compiling the plugin. Once i create the source files manually, The error changes to "unknown external symbol" error for macros used by the plugin. At this point i do not know what to do, because there is no source code to correct these things.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. put the RLLiveLink Plugin into a c++ projects plugin folder(or the engine ones)
2. compile the c++ project with the plugins activated
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytobi.cornreborn
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Hi tobi.cornreborn,

We will provide RLLiveLink source in another way soon. But sorry, we won't provide Auto Setup source.

I think this ticket might be connected to this but im not sure if this really is because of missing source files:
Issue 6201
Thanks for the fast upload/help. 
It just runs perfectly fine now. No problems when rebuilding my project :). You really should include the source in the main download for everyone if that is possible. Everyone who has a c++ project seems to need it for compilation.

PS: is there a way to get the source for the Auto_setup_1.0.0 too? This is not needed because the descriptors are already there, but it would make debugging easier. However, thanks for the fix.

best regards,
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Hi tobi.cornreborn,

Please download source from here:

Please try again and tell us result.


Thanks for the answer but this is not a "possible" workaround. I mean u  are right, this would work. But when coding in UE u have to rebuild ur project very often. Each change (which is bigger than just changing logging or so) will force u to rebuild so i would need to do this pretty annoying workaround all the time. Like so, the plugin is useless for me because the time i save with the plugin is used by the workaround. Isn't there a way to get the source files? All that is needed is the source code like for all other unreal plugins. If u would go for a marketplace release u really would have to include them either i think. At least the descriptiors are needed. (I mean the as far as i know (please correct me if i am wrong here.).
Is there a specific reason for u to remove these descriptor files?

I Hope u can add these files, this would make the plugin the timesave it should be for me.
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