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Unable To import Animated Morph Targets using FBX 2011
I have tried exporting a 2011 FBX from Maya 2017, Cinema4D R20 and Blender 2.8, and have been unable to import animated morph targets into 3DXchange 7.61.3619.1. Previewing these files in another application shows the animated morph targets fine. Unfortunately the fbx is too large to attach to this ticket even when deleting a lot of the geometry, but I can share the fbx using another service if needed.

My end goal is to apply external Morph Target animation on a character in iClone with matching Morph Targets (created using Morph Creator). I have added custom Morph Targets on a Character Creator iAvatar that have been animated in an external app, and I would like to apply these to iAvatar within iClone, but can't find any way to import this animation using 3DXchange. Thank you!
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Submitted bykialnatale
I too (and everyone else I can find on the boards) have issues with current iClone 3dXchange's failure to import morph animation (it does import the actual morph shapes well). We have tons of morph animations that define our face poses and didn't want to recreate everything, but it looks as if this will be the case until this gets fixed, if we chose to incoprporate iClone into our pipeline.  

To reiterate: Currently: you cannot import blendshape key animation from fbx (fbx versions 2009 up thru present) into 3dexchange, at least when these fbx's are exported from maya 2020 or 2018.

No one can,  there are some horrific workarounds posted, but this limitation runs contrary to the 3dexchange documentation and warning window (warning that only 2011 or earlier fbx's will come in w/ morph keys set -- when in fact even 2011 does not)

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Hi kialnatale,

As you said, the current version is unable to import animated morph key to iClone character. I have forwarded this issue to the development team. They will come up with a solution that will solve this in the future, thank you.

Thank you very much!  I exported this fbx using Maya 2017 as an fbx 2011.

I'm attaching the results I see in 3Dxchange.  When selecting a clip and using the timeline slider I don't see any animation.  My end goal is to get these animations onto my iClone character with matching morph targets, so if there is another program or method for exporting this data I'm willing to add another program to my pipeline.  Thanks again for your time!
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Hi kialnatale,

Can you please provide us your fbx and the detailed steps to help us reproduce the issue? You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive to make the files available to us and put the link in your comment. Thank you so much.