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Issue 5368
UN Task Force Unreal Engine Export BROKEN
The exported CC3.02 character feets are misplaced, after import to UE 4.20.3.

Example: See attached image TaskForce_C

General: To setup CC3 imports in UE, basically set retargeting options inside the Skeleton Tree for the following bones, per

Retargeting value "Animation" for the bones: root, pelvis, neck, head, clavicle_l and below, clavicle_r and below, thick_l and below, thick_r and below. All other bones set to retargeting value "Animation".

Redundant skeleton hierachy issue causing bones are also part of the imports, see attached images, also includes facial bones, or for ribs. This circumstance requires the usage of a dedicated skeleton in UE for these models.

FIX: The character Animation Blueprint -> AnimGraph nodes Transform (modify) Bone can be used to fix the imported misaligned feets of the Reallusion UN Task Force models. See attached screenshot, also set Rotation Mode to "Add to Existing" (visible in the Details panel when the Transform Bone node is selected.

PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, unify CC3 exports.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byunit23
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi roboter,

Very sorry to hear that you encounter this issue in your working progress.
But we will release the Unreal Retarget for CC1&3 base tutorial as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience!