iClone 7
Issue 5845
The position of the foot is not shown well with heels 2
I will insist on reporting this bug, although it was minimized in my previous report (Issue 5767). I require that my complaint be correctly understood and interpreted and not trivialized. High-heeled shoes make the feet do not flex well. While it is true that in character creator can be fixed with a simple adjustment (even so it is questionable the answer I got in the issue 5767, because in other software this error does not occur) in iclone this is not possible. If I make the adjustment it only affects one frame and in the following it continues to happen. Besides that in animation, the bending is even more rare. I repeat this error does not happen with the import characters from 3dxchange. There the characters work well with the animations in heels.

1.- The first image is a sample of the error. It is a character of daz imported by character creator, with the adjustment for heel shoe.It is playing the animation in iclone 7. It is playing the animation in iclone
2.-The second image is a daz character imported via 3dxchange. As you can see, there are no weird flexions.It is playing the animation in iclone

This bug appears in all my projects, no matter what character I use. In my opinion the high heels function does not work correctly.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byIsazforms
HI, As it is written, I have just used that feature "High heels" . In this case, I can not make the geometry invisible, because it's a bare shoe, it's not a boot like in the example. The problem is that this feature in the animations works badly. I can not block the rotation, I can not pin rotation.
Joanne (RL)

Have you ever tried "High Heels" feature to correct the flexed feet in Character Creator ? 
Please get the details from this tutorial:

Is this feature helpful to you?
If "High Heels"  still can not achieve your requirement, please send us the file.