Character Creator 4
Issue 10581
Suggestion to make wrinkle expression works CC4 ARkit base mocap
Reallusion has great product family and we have been using most of it as this point. Recently we have currently purchased the wrinkle expression package and it worked very well with our avatars in CC4. We have been using ARKit tool base face mocap too which require the CC3+ traditional facial profile so it is compatible with the ARKit tool in Unity.

Seems like the facial wrinkle profile requires the CC4 extended profile instead. We have talked to the support and they said they don't work together. We were hoping that you might have some solution currently or in pipeline to explore that. If not, we will highly recommend to look at this feature. With the new vision pro avatar building tech, it will be essential we can find a way to make Avatar look and talk as realistic as possible in real time and this feature will help us a lot. In summary if CC4 avatar have native profile that can support Wrinkle expression and can be captured via Unity ARTKit tool, that will be a perfect combination. If you have any experimental feature, we will be happy to use that too.
OS: Windows 11