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Issue 8899
Soft VS Soft disabled for CC3 Body physics - Missing Cloth Flag in Scene View - likely the reason why Cloth doesn't work on Soft Physics enabled characters
Clothing on Soft Cloth body enabled might have been possible but here is an issue I pointed out in the past before the last update.. ----> in the timeline--- when physics is enabled on a body character, ---there is no soft cloth flag --like all other soft cloth enabled clothing has and this might be why I can't enable Cloth VS cloth for proper collisions .

On a HIK/Humanoid Character Soft VS Soft works, just not native CC characters.

The hybrid vertex assignment + cloth physics textures is still the ultimate solution in my opinion, especially if it can be used on any object because we can make hair fall out, or use it like a magnet with attraction strength on any object, not just a character.
OS: Windows 10
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Hi Ascensi,

Sorry for the late reply.
Due to the technical limitation, currently if you enable any physics effect of hair.
It'll disable the soft vs soft collision feature.

@Devs any update on this? I'm trying to help Reallusion by testing CC Characters assigned as soft cloth for soft body physics be able to wear clothing properly.. this issue of cloth vs cloth seems to have been overlooked, it currently isn't possible to enable it and I can't test Cloth VS Cloth on non native Characters, unless they come with clothing but that would be a custom character that I currently don't have time/finances to develop.