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Issue 11369
SSS Shader Enhancement - Independent Animatable SSS Anchors - Visual Effects - GPU/Raycast Compatible 3D SSS Volume Light/Darkmass (Not A light object)
We're currently locked into the SSS maps on for SSS characters and objects , it would be very interesting to have a transform tool that we could move around that isn't a light source but instead just produces the effect of SSS and functions as an override. This SSS override tool would have it's own transform handles and simple material override unless you want to enhance more with a displacement override. It would have the same type of features as the light objects have except that it doesn't act as a light source.

Types of Visual Effects

* Looping textures - the look of fluids or smoke inside moving around.
* X-ray - A toon character Silhouette alpha image Animated
*Full Body Override - Lava, powered up with electricity, SSS water character

I wish that if you kept Iray or implement your own GPU Rendering that you include Independent SSS compatibility the same way, this would be amazing combined with Translucent shaders (could create a true 3D volume light that can be inverted as dark mass moving inside as an independent 3D Positional Volume Source) - Based on the density setting, the light or darkness will reach inside the object or character only so far.

I've used texture projection with lights on a dark surface and is amazing, I wish you allowed animated textures in the material slots. This is similar and could be built to work with GPU Rendering through its own SSS.

Couple examples of light projection FX I made:

Water Zombies remember, what you see in the water is only a texture projection and isn't compatible with GPU Rendering BUT!! real-time SSS manipulation will work.

Since GPU/Iray with SSS and a colored light source works, it shouldn't be too hard to implement real-time positional SSS override tool since you pretty much have code for lights with texture projection.

**** If a light with texture projection is given animated texture compatibility and set to work with the SSS channel as a blend/replace and disable light rendering, this should be all that is needed to make it work****
OS: Windows 11
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