Character Creator 4
Issue 11122
Request for Ornatrix Hair, Fur and Feathers Plugin (the Renderer as 0 or very low cost but upgradeable to full featured)
Reallusion may ask for the Ornatrix Hair *render engine* to work for all users as a low cost plugin in iC8 but for creators as a full functional tool it's typically an expensive but can bring a lot of realism to the characters!

Personally I'm using it to create Fur for my Characters and aim to generate LODs and haircards from it if I can and sell in the marketplace. Because the tool comes with various optimization functions it would help keep Reallusion products with hair/fur be optimal to a high standard for performance and quality. The other benefit is that the Ornatrix grooms can be converted to UE4/5 Grooms or output the curves to Blender etc.

Other apps using it is Maya, 3D Max, C4D and of course UE4/5.

The obstacle with the existing Hairbuilder in CC4 is that it's aimed at human only characters and there is an incompatibility between vertex assignment & soft physics and clothing with Soft Cloth Physics. If all clothing is attached using vertex assignment, then every thing attached to the body that is meant to conform would all be compatible and work with body morphs. If the plugin comes with it's own method like vertex assignment, then Reallusion and customers don't need to wait for native vertex assignment expansion when it comes to hair but unfortunately clothing still needs it so physics enabled clothing on a body enabled with soft cloth wont clip through each other.
OS: Windows 11
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