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Reboot of Older Interactive Packs (in actual ROOT MOTION Format, NOT ZERO)
I have a future movie concept that I'm working on in regards to a Wedding Movie, and I tried using these older packs that I have, but they are WAY too outdated in movements and visuals, for me to even be able to use for current industry standards.

With that being said, do you think you all can reboot the "Wedding Planner Deluxe Pack" (all of it)? I noticed you all have been rebooting quite a few of your older packs, and just giving them all new names, so I figured, why not throw this one in there as well, right? If so, PLEASE make it where there are ACTUAL ROOT MOTIONS, instead of ZERO motions that you have to plug to a path and deal with feet sliding!

Also, it would be nice to see the "Family and Friends Pack", "Lovers Pack" and well as the "Arguments Motion Pack" rebooted as well. All these packs were AWESOME during their time, and I believe it would be a hit again if updated to current avatar optimization! Besides, it would be great to get some more interactive packs coming in on those lines of socialism, as that's what makes movies, and games, pop...interactivity!

While we are on the subject of reboots, is there ANY way to get you all to go back into the *Female Casual Moves* pack and actually update it with MOVING ROOT MOTIONS for ALL of the moving motions, rather than ZERO ROOT MOTIONS for the movement? It's a hassle to have to time it out, where we could just use what you do, and play with the speed on the timeline editing. Paths are the worst because in then end of the day, the NOTORIOUS foot sliding is really starting to be a pain in the "you know what"!

All of the motion packs listed will be implemented (needed) in this movie, as it all focuses on the "comedic generalization/definition" of Relationships, Love, Affection, Family and all of the complications that goes with it (EPIC MOVIE, just you wait and see!). Now, I'm not saying they have to be exactly like what they were before, but just saying it would be nice to bring back these dual-interactive concepts, so we can have more person-to-person style affectionate/emotionally based animations to work with, instead of trying to cut from this, manipulate that, then try and put it all together and create a "believable" argument, or a "hug", or a "kiss", or a "lay in arms", get the idea, for current industry standard visualization and accuracy.

Thank you for your consideration in advance!😁
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Submitted byLogicalWarrior
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Hi LogicalWarrior,

Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I have forwarded it to the content developer team. If there are other suggestions, please let us know any time. Thank you.

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