iClone 7
Issue 3585
Problem - Mesh Distortion/deformation on CC Character
I exported an iClone CC body obj to 3DCoat to paint (with keep UV) but in 3DCoat anything I painted on the legs would show up on the head. I was using the spline paint tool. So i thought iClone must have some UV issue that wont work for what I'trying to do (just paint anywhere and the paint stays only in those spots) So I tried re-importing the model and set to auto-UVs and painting turned out great. It doesn't matter that if I export the mesh out of 3DCoar into 3D exchange or if I copy the UVs from the new model in Zbrush and paste onto the original model, when replacing the Body in 3Dxchange with the new re-mapped UV character the character deforms.

I've attached a video to show what happens to the character.

This might be a 3DCoat issue - when I first imported a character to paint on I used the tessellation/subdivision feature so that when I paint, the paint strokes would be more clear/sharp and maybe when subdividing it messed up the UV layout. However I've created characters through this method before using subdivision and the character's UVs were not messed up so I didn't have to use auto-remap UVs and export the low poly character so this makes me think that through the CC creation and character body export pipeline & procedure that something isn't quite right.
OS: Windows 10
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