Character Creator 4
Issue 9085
Physics Applied to both Clothing and Cloth Character Physics crashes with Cloth VS cloth enabled during playback
1. Both character and clothing with physics enabled is set to self collision on modify tab ( to test cloth on cloth collision) -no rigid collisions enabled. In project settings, soft Vs soft collision is enabled.
I also have the shader set to quick just in case CC4 is struggling with performance.

Result: it crashes as soon as any animation is played.

I'm thinking that even though the character can be set to cloth physics and work with cloth physics, the cloth vs cloth setting wont work because in the scene view the character doesn't show that it is cloth enabled and CC4 likely doesn't know that it is a cloth-enabled object and crashes.

I hope this can be fixed because I have several characters that i'm using for film and selling in the maket place and would like
the physics clothing to work with the character while the character also has a jiggly body.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Hi Tina, how about this, can you send me your project file that you've tested with so I know we're on the same page?  If you have the character setup correctly with soft body physics applied to each body part correctly then I'll know for sure. It's a new area for Reallusion and I've been doing this for a few years with your software on imported CC3 characters since iC7 but it's new for Reallusion to have Physics enabled for native CC and as far as I know, I'm the only one testing the limits. There is a free softbody Camilla character I've uploaded to the marketplace. There are specific instructions on the page to make sure physics is actually active because by default, even if it's enabled it may not work unless soft physics is toggled off then on.
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Hi Ascensi

Thanks for your project!
It's helpful for us to find the cause of the problem :)
Now the issue and its reproducible steps have been reported to the dev team.

Appreciate for your help.
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Hi Ascensi

Thanks for your feedback.
Unfornately we can't reproduce the problem in our environment, could you provide the project to us for clarifying the cause?
You can upload the file to the net drive, like Google drive, etc.
You can post the download link in your next comment and set it private if you want.

Please feel free to contact us if any, regards.
Tested with T-shirt and failed in iC8. It shows be a sign that it's about to crash by sections of clothing or body part becomes hidden but the chunk area it was removed from has black around it on the edges like UV margin, and then it freezes and crashes.
Soft vs soft didn't crash on it's own in iC8, I used a jumpsuit to test with cloth physics and that exceeded the triangle count, slowed down the project then crashed. Upon restart with the recovery file it created two physics icons on the modify tab with constraint settings icon. I'll keep testing and try a lighter clothing part to test physics.
For now, CC4 won't allow soft vs soft at all when a character's body has soft physics applied.
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