iClone 8
Issue 9268
Output folders for Iray need improvement
When you drag an MI folder to the plugin, it by default renders the frames inside the MiResources folder. iClone sets it one directory higher. This is better and neater.

I wish that I could set a separate render output folder in iClone, like I can from the plugin. This way, I can export the much larger MI files to a folder that won't be backed up, eating up my bandwidth, and render output frames to a folder that IS being backed up. Xfinity only offers me 1.2 terabytes per month. For now, I'm rendering into a drive with no backup. My only fix right now is to export the MI folder and manually drag it to the plugin, where I am allowed to choose an output folder. Operationally, having the option there wouldn't be a problem, nor extra work, for most users.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byJeffster The Mighty