Character Creator 4
Issue 10790
Option to auto weight paint hair/fur based on root color from vertex color or texture intensity - ideal for Styled Full Body Hair Physics
* New method: no matter how tangled hair/fur might be when users create it, this additional concept should be utilized to keep hair cards separated and properly weight painted when users are given the option to convert their models to cloth.

-Universal Hair Card Binding Process
*When the binding is complete, a root texture can be used as the physics map, or if it's a single hair patch, a black and white gradient can easily be used with the brightness lowered to make the whitest area gray. This will allow fully independent movement for each hair card.

-Not Universal - only cards aligned to normals will work with current method:
*currently the only work around for proper Body Fur Binding would be to create hair with something like Fibermesh hair cards, don't use gravity option so that the hair is aligned to the normals, send with GoZ, convert to cloth, then once the bodyfur binding is successful, duplicate the original in Zbrush, use gravity and or groom the fur into place then send it back and update.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi