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Issue 7651
No 'Export Unsynched Root & Hip Motion' in IClone UE FBX Export
This is not an option in IClone. It is an option in CC3. It should also be in IClone.

Also - this option should work properly in CC3. Just unchecking this option does not work in CC3. You must uncheck it, then another option so that the Export preset changes to Custom. Only then does it work.

I just had help from Rampa in support to figure this out, I'm sure he can verify.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byOokamiOokami
Joanne (RL)
Hi muchogrande,

iClone Export FBX (Game Engine presets) will auto-execute "Synched Root & Hip Motion" since iClone 7.6. (you can check the release note:
"The root node will now follow the hip instead of staying in place at the origin ( Game Engine Preset only )."

iClone does not provide this option, because team think that game users almost need hip & root move together.
We will discuss this UI option (Synched Root & Hip Motion) if there are more requirements.

Other defects you mentioned have forwarded to the development team.

Thank you