iClone 7
Issue 3912
Motionplus lip options smoothing not applied to exported objects from iclone 7 to 3dx or external software
Problem: I have a talking animation for a character. The talking animation in 3dx or Unity is different(ruined) from the same clip in iclone 7.

Scenario 1- iclone 7 and 3dxchange 7
Steps to reproduce:
1. Download the attached project.(All assets belong to me and I give reallusion no right to display these assets anywhere)
2. Open the project in iclone 7. Play the animation and notice the jaw movements.
3. Click on the character and press "Edit in 3dxchange". The character should now load in 3dx.
4. In iclone 7, go to collect clip and select the entire range and right click->Add motion plus in 3dxchange
5. The motionplus should be imported in 3dxchange. Play the motion clip and observe the jaw movements. The movements are more harsh and not gradual. It's as if the lip smoothing options are not taking effect.

Scenario 2: iclone 7 and unity 2017.3
Steps to reproduce:
1. In iclone 7, File->Export->Export FBX.
2. Set export range to "All". Set the preset to Unity 5 and click export.
3. Import in Unity 2017.3. Go to animations tab of the imported fbx.
4. Play the animations clip and watch the preview tab to notice the same issue. The mouth movements are harsh and lip options isn't applied.

I have attached the video of my clip in Unity 2017.3 as well just for reference.
Since, I couldn't attach here and since google drive links are public. I have attached a notepad with the link inside it.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bygogstudios
We are getting this issue too - any solution?