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Issue 8465
Morph sliders are extremely slow
I am totally new to CC4 and was looking forward to the product, but the morph sliders just sit there like a heavy ass brick. I have to type in the values and then wait about 10 to 15 seconds for any result. It is totally a work flow killer since I am not bothering to tweak other sliders since the feedback takes so long. I am currently reinstalling cc4 and hope that helps, but from what I have read in the comments, my hopes are not high. Is anyone else experiencing this problem. I am on Windows 10 with rtx 2080 ti gpu, ryzen 5 3600x, 64 gb of ram, and ssd 1 tb hard drive that is only half full.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byraitan2008
Make sure you don't have smooth mesh by subdivision enabled otherwise it will have to process more data. Try closing all windows/tabs but the morph window. Maybe your viewport preview/render resolution is set high, max texture resolution as well, set it to a lower resolution while developing. You could always try a different video card driver.
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Hi raitan2008,

Thanks for your feedback!
Cause we didn't reproduce this issue on our end.
Could you try to open Windows task manager and drag slider again, then you can check while CC loading, what kind of resource that PC are using the most. ( ex : Ram / CPU / Disk... )
Also, please capture a screen video to show us this issue, so that maybe we can find out some clue.
You can upload video to YouTube and attach the link in your next comment.