Character Creator 4
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Issue 9179
Morph Import Bug
I recently brought a lot of characters and mapped all the morphs without an issue
but just now for only that one character, the blink for eyelashes imports but not for the head

I also tried to merge them and import it again but still same issue, it doesnt import the blink morph for the head only for the lashes

also when i try to import it individual as an obj file it doesnt see the obj file in the folder!!!!
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byahingel
i found the solution for this at last
i had to merge all the meshes for it to work
but if they werent merged it didnt bring the morphs in
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi ahingel

Thanks for your feedback.
According to your description, it seems the data issue, could you take a screen video to show us the progress and the structure of character?
You can upload the video to Youtube and pose the link in your next comment, feel free to set it as private message.
And obj problem, please make sure the folder & file are named in english alphabet or number and the folder has permission of write.

Thank you for your patient.