Character Creator 3
Issue 5803
Modular Character Builder -draggable parts -part builder
For character Creator to become more or less complete this would allow rapid change and complexity.

1. The creator would likely have to choose a preset for performance limiting constrains (how many parts can be used) This could include a new format: Non Human V2 which could be used with mocap body and face rather than trying to adjust the existing non-human conversion/specification.

2.I imagine a list of modular parts such as types of heads, tails, wings, arms, legs, claws and jaws (jaw within a jaw) and designated/highlighted areas that the bones could snap to on a base model. Each part may need to have it's own root bone and is automatically removed if it's not the first model added to the scene and any existing bones remain. These parts will be composed of two main categories - mech and creature.

Mech could be not limited to mech character but also simple mechanical parts such as a crane, gears etc. Snap to grid would be very useful for building this kind of character/animated prop.

We've seen that the morph sliders can grow a character vastly and maybe the volume can merge with modular parts.

3. Although we can't change verts or UVs outside CC3 I think just like painting weight maps we should be able to define a shape/area for higher resolution (maybe curves for example) which can be hidden as paint/mask and then is applied on the model for when more detail is required -dynamic resolution brush.

4. AI behavior generator to generate animations (precision constrained & organic movements & speed but also calculates movements between user defined mobility parts in order to walk) once a movement pattern is created it can then be stored as an animation or is the animation being created directly by the AI.

You might of heard this before but the game "Spore" had something similar but seemed like it was only limited to organic animated creations.
OS: Windows 10
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