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Released in 7.2
Issue 3647
Mixamo Animation - Convert to Non-Standard is broke after updating to 7.1
After installing the 7. 1 update the Mixamo Animation - Convert to Non-Standard (Characterization) no longer works at all. It was working in 7.02 (after switching the Presets) but in 7.1 the exact same FBX will not convert. I also tried loading in the "Maya Human-IK_Mixamo01" Characterization profile (and all the others) but it gives an error stating that there are incompatible bones so the character will not be activated.

This is really annoying.

The animation is a FBX download from Mixamo at 30 fps (with and without skin)
See attached for the FBX files and screenshot of problem.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted bybcmorris
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I was having this same problem: 3DXchange pipeline was only giving the option to export my FBX character as a prop - and I was wondering- How do you export a mixamo rigged FBX character as a character in 3Dxchange pipeline.  

This was my first time using 3dXChange and when I googled up some manual to figure out wtf I found the page discussing exporting props or characters (screencap attached)  seems to indicate, to my totally n00b eye, that character export was only available in Pro. :-/   As one might expect this propelled me to the edge of a total psychedelic freakout. 

RRWALL --- Thank you so much. Your solution: 

--- worked and allowed me to import my mixamo rigged character into 3dXchange and export it as an iclone character 
--- taught me how to address any similar problem in the future
--- rescued my first experience with 3DxChange from one of annoyed perturbedness to thankful relief. My dive into the manual only to find that the program didn't behave as described was rather upsetting having just invested in a complete software package only to have my workflow inexplicably just... not... work.       

I can't thank you enough. 


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I had no idea how to remap bones as I am new to the program and "bcmorris" in his post gives no clues.  But with a little experimenting I did figured it out, and yes it works, so I am a happy camper once again ( why Reallusion doesn't fix this, I have no clue, or at least output another profile for folks). But here is a short version of what you need to do; Load your Mixamo animation in and then select "Convert to non-Standard", which will bring up the little skeleton guy with a red light. Well click a bone and then select the appropriate bone in the Scene Tree for that bone, go through all the bone till the light goes Green (meaning all bones needed are mapped) and then click the activate button.  Then save the profile and your off to the races my friends (use your saved profile whenever you need it) So you should only need to do this once, unless you have different versions of Mixamo animations as I do, but I believe I will be able to get them working now as well.  Hopefully you can figure out the rest from then on as I did. Enjoy!
Same problem here!
I too have the same issue

in exchange 6 I would :
Download fbx, open exchange, convert to non-standard, us the drop down preset "maya Human-Ik", click active, then click convert.

I was go to go and it still works in 6

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I figured it out. You have to manually map the bones and save out a Characterization profile (call it something like MixamoAnimations etc..). Then, re-import the animation and apply the saved profile. Then it all works from then on. 
SEE my forum post here>>

Maybe Reallusion included the wrong or outdated profiles in the 7.10 release? What do you say 3DXChange team?
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