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Missing Smart Gallery
I'm a fairly new user to Character Creator, so apologies if there is an obvious answer, but my smart gallery has failed to appear after I've reinstalled Character Creator.

I decided to install CC on my desktop (Win10) and installed the updated version 3.3 instead of the 3.0 which I had originally purchased. Then I went to install some of the content packs I had purchased and I kept getting errors that they couldn't be extracted, so I assumed this was some problem with installing older content on the newer version of CC. So I uninstalled everything and started fresh. It seems like the reinstall went fine, however despite reinstalling Smart Gallery, it does not appear anywhere so I can't find my content packs to install them.

When I go to plugins and try to browse files, I get an error message which you see in the attached screen shot. I'm not sure what's going on, but if you could offer any suggestions, I'd appreciate your help!

Thanks so much,
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bycliffnhansen42
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Hi cliffnhansen42

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for reply late.
Yes, there's some user have met the missing Smart Gallery problem.
To the situation, we release Smart Gallery v1.12, please update the newest version with Character Creator v3.31.
It would be grateful to let us know if this problem solved or not.

And I checked attached image, I found it's "Auto Setup".
Auto Setup is a tool for exported fbx to Unity/ Unreal.
You can download the tool and know how to use from below page:
After you install Auto Setup, click Menu bar > Plugins > Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup > Browse File.
Then explorer will open file path.

Please help us to clarify the issue and contact us if any.
Thanks your feedback again! Regards
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