Character Creator 3
Issue 7231
Merge Material Export Options
When exporting a CC Character from Character Creator 3, there is an option in the InstaLOD Export settings to merge Materials. We noticed that no matter the option we chose the skin materials always get merged with the eyelash material and the eye material. We would like to merge all skin materials into one material but keep the eyes as a seperate material. We also want the eyelashes on the same material as the hair. We couldnt accomplish this with the three options in the Merge Material panel.
Unfortunately, some masks like the SSS Mask used by the Unreal Auto Setup shaders didnt fit the new UV Layout of our exported character with merged materials.
It would be great if users could choose exactly which item gets merged on a specific texture set. The by item merge options merges all skin materials together but also the eyes and eyelashes. It would be nice to have the option to export not only merged texture maps but also merged versions of the masks used by the master materials for example in the RL_HQSkin material.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjanaz
The eyelash alpha is lost during export. See this thread:

Please fix.
Because most textures for teeth, eyes, nails, eyelashes are the same, it would also make sense to add these kind of default textures to AutoSetup, to re-use them. But in this process also allow to pick the resolution, which is usually around 128, instead of the default 1024 or 2048. 

Thus, I usually store these default textures and materials in one skin sub-folder, and re-use them.