iClone 7
Issue 3933
Load All Object Textures won't respect Specular or DazRoughness tags
If the name of the file ends with "__DazRoughness" it's supposed to be converted to a roughness channel using the DazIni settings. However, any file with that name throws an error.

Worse, a file with "__Specular" is supposed to be loaded into the roughness channel, but reversed. It is just completely ignored (although it won't throw an error -- it just creates the "default" roughness map)
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Submitted byKelleytoons
Thanks -- yeah, I did find those things and was going to close this myself today.

It would be nice if there were some more docs on this whole process.  I've written a Python routine that creates all of the directories needed (and puts the appropriate maps for all channels you support) from any Daz prop or environment and then you can easily load up all the textures in iClone, and while it works well there are still some times when it does things I don't understand (and some things I had to puzzle out for myself -- it would have been nice to know you MUST have both the roughness and metallic maps in there, even if they are just the default ones).  It will still throw errors on things I think it should not.  I also wish it were more forgiving on the naming conventions (for example, allowing ANY map with the __Diffuse suffix to be loaded into the sub-directory for any material, rather than checking on the entire name -- this means you can't just drag and drop other map textures into it to alter things easily).

Still, it's an insanely useful routine to have access to, so thanks!  I no longer have to do anything other than press a single button in Blender to load up all the maps for even very large and complicated environments (some times which have hundreds of maps that need to be loaded into each material).
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Hi Kelleytoons,

1.  "__DazRoughness":
Rougnhess picture can be  load when you change  "__DazRoughness" to  "__Roughness".

2. "__Specular":
Specular textures will be inverted before being loaded into the roughness channel on PBR Shader Type
This rule in help: