iClone 7
Issue 3597
Lack of clarity on "Edit In 3D Exchange."
This is basically just a note to say that I think that the tooltips and other in-editor bits on iClone 7 could be more clear about what is happening and why with the sending of avatars to 3DXchange.

Basically it doesn't send over any animations, and that was very much unexpected for me; I thought it was a bug, and was going through a lot of extra processes to get animations into 3DXchange because of that. Forum members then informed me that there is a Collect Clip button (which I'll have to go find), and that I can drag and drop clips from iClone to 3DX.

All of that is great, and I'm sure that is in the manual somewhere. I've read a fair bit of the manual, though -- still learning -- and watch a lot of the tutorial videos, so I think I'm likely more informed than the average newbie. Something in the UI itself to say "want to also send over animation? Do xyz" would just make the workflow more obvious without the need for tutorializing.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bychrispark7