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Jaw open issue when exporting an Character Creator character from iClone and animating in motion-builder
I'm trying to animate the face from the data provided by iPhone/ARKit in Motion Builder. I can get most things to work but the jaw open seems to be broken.

The steps were:
Export character from iClone with iPhone blendshape and mouthmerged shape.
Import in Motion Builder and animate via custom script, applying the same blendshape data as supplied by your own live face app.

The mouth merged shape and mouth close shape should produce the following visual result as outlined in the ARkit documentation here:

Since your rigs use a bone jaw there is some conflict here as both bone and blendshape can control the mouth open shape. With neither approach provided a satisfactory result as the mouth either looked weird or the teeth mesh penetrated through the face mesh. See screenshots attached.

File jaw open issue4.JPG shows jaw bone rotation, mouth merged at 0 and mouth closed shape at 100%
OS: Windows 10
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  • jaw open issue4.JPG
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Hi tbaumann´╝î

The face key slider is common for all characters.Because the characters have different faces,so it is possible like picture 2.The mouth merged slider only bakes bone rotation,not teeth,so there are strange results when it is used with other sliders.We recommend that the mouth slider is used alone.