iClone 7
Issue 5935
Issues with Rendering and back play of animations
My issue is this, since the release of 7.41 iClone 7 drags when you play an animation regardless of how big or small the animation. Currently I have a character static in a pose but wind is applied to the scene. In that scene I have a building from one of the kits, some barrels and some boxes. The only thing really animated are some torches, 4 of them. I am using Burning Flame from Popcorn FX. The animation is about 4 seconds. Currently there are 100969 project Triangles, Video Memory is at 1.2/8.0 GB.
Here are the numerous issues I am having and considering rolling back because it sucks so bad.
1. Play back is super slow. It is impossible to do any scrubbing at all.
2. IRay doesn't even render the PopcornFX not in video form or by current frame.
3. I tried baking down textures but it only allows on certain objects the feature is not available on a bunch of items.
4. If you apply IRay materials they don't show up in the view-port.
Here are my system specs.
I have an MSI GT83VR Titan with 32 GB RAM, dual NVIDIA Geforce 1070s. Hard Drive space is huge.
Running Windows 10 Pro Latest update.
OS: Windows 10
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Hi SagaStudios,

Thank you for your explanation and sorry for the confusion. Can you please provide your project for us to test?
Thank you so much.