Character Creator 4
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Issue 8654
Issue sending expression to zbrush
When i try to send a custom non standard character to zbrush it creates duplicates of some meshes
and it also splits the character in 2 sub tools

so it makes it a bit complicated to delete the duplicates and combine the subtools(that it also creates duplicates again) and send it to cc4 again
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byahingel
I discovered that because the cache wasn't cleared, your models might get a duplicate sharing the same material ID. If in CC4   it looks like the single mesh isn't a duplicate but the material for that mesh shows up twice, then it has a duplicate mesh. You will have to use Zmodeler and use flip faces to flip the top mesh duplicate (keep double sided off in display settings) If you go into the Display tab in Zbrush and flip faces there it will flip the material group as a whole but at least Zmodeler will give you more options.
yes thank you. after i cleaned cache worked fine
thank you <3
I second this @Calvin  - Using HIK the Facial Profile Editor, it DOES NOT create duplicates when using GoZ, but can't receive the updated morphs on GoZ back to CC4   

***however, there are duplicate materials of my HIK character and when using GoZ, it creates the same duplicates from the material list it seems. -This is using GoZ from the Scene view. 

I've shared this issue with the Devs in Discord and mentioned it on the feedback tracker with other issues like not being able to mirror expressions -the buttons don't exist, was it not yet available to HIK Characters?
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi ahingel,

Thanks for your feedback!
Have you clean GoZ cache?
Sometimes it'll encounter some issue with the existing cache.
You can clean the cache from ZBrush > Preference > GoZ > Clear Caches.