iClone 7
Issue 7122
IBL Sky can't animate transform or material UVs! And flipping the IBL through rotation to mirror it correct on water is visually broken
It's odd that in the timeline there is a setting for materials but you can't edit its UVs.. and there is no option to animate the transform. I don't understand why this wouldn't of been included? It's pretty normal to animate the sun going down and this could be as simple as adjusting the IBL level and rotating the sky for a convincing sunset or sunrise.

There are options for adjusting the transform but simply put there are no options for keying it on the timeline.

The IBL doesn't correctly mirror itself on water, it instead acts like you are looking through a magnifying glass at a distance-everything is not quite flipped but the horizon is and the reflections don't match. Maybe this is an issue with some* IBL files creating an inconsistency? but even so options to rotate and flip the horizon to match or mismatch should be available.

We need distance control for the IBL Rotation Gizmo and correctly see the mirror effect when rotated
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
SSS global light array should also be considered with this upgrade -  SSS dimmed light for the clouds,  bright lens shape array of SSS lights or larger light to simulate the HDRI sun layer/spread, min sss for stars, a bit brighter for the HDRI moon layer etc  

If you change any of the HDRI layer's brightness then that would be linked to the SSS strength and vice versa.
I've talked with Rampa for a bit about using the skytool but it wont work like HDRI .. I think the next evolution of the  SkyTool should allow us to either select what model we choose to be our sky such as the HDR sky or add HDR layers (transparent cloud,sun,moon and stars cutout) I along with the other hacks that was pointed out to me

I've created a hybrid water concept that works with Iray and iClone using Ibl but not the skybox.

Here are some examples I've produced:  Boat & Sunset

Whale Shark swimming under the water   the water is not transparent and it's not using refraction BUT  we can create some amazing effects with it like giant objects under water from a top down transparent cutout png of face (like a person in the water or reflection), fish, sharks, rocks below  (maybe animated fish too) with  max size, full light strength and the rectangle shape. I hope you can add the option for the user to add a custom model for a shape.. I'd like to make rocky peaks and underwater beach terrain  BUT  in order for something like landscape to show the light scale needs more scale amount.