Character Creator 3
Issue 5427
I still think monthly subscriptions should be available

Are you at any point going to ever take the suggestion of monthly subscriptions? It would be nice if it could be the price of what it costs for the product -- any product you have but particularly the Character Creator and the iClone and any other item useful for 3D compositing. My suggestion is to take the price of the product and divide it into monthly subscription payments. Maybe users would have to pay a little more for the product on the monthly subscription model and would not "own" it outright, but they could at least use it. I'm wanting this because I can't afford the $200.00 per month for what some 3D subscriptions cost, especially since my main focus is to use it for character creation. I already have the 3D pipeline version of the CrazyTalk Animator, and I already use other programs for video compositing, so I wouldn't be able to or want to pay more than maybe a max of $30-50/month depending on what apps are available. Plus, it would give me the chance to learn how to use the products without a watermark and without making a huge investment upfront. (I bought the Animator Pipeline almost a year ago and still have a lot to learn from it.)
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I googled it and came out on your post. It seems that they still dont have it..