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Issue 8892
Hybrid Vertex Assignment + Soft Cloth Weight option to create magnetism - keyframe hair/objects to fall or reverse, create tornados
One of the the most amazing things about vertex assignment + physics weights/cloth hybrid is that If you have a slider that shifts the strength from balanced (vertex assignment + Soft cloth) then shift it completely to soft cloth, then all those pieces can fall! So imagine hair suddenly fall out dropping to the ground. If you start with full physics weights then move to 200 frames to keyframe and apply balanced (more strength to the tips to connect to surface) then we could create all kinds of effects. This could also be reversible so it looks like a magnet - objects can suddenly lift from the ground and become attached to the vertex painted source.

Later you should be able to make the same attachable parts shift between two or more objects allowing more strength given to another source (think of blocks in position of a spiral staircase only spaced out and you can shift the balance between each block between keyframes, now you have a Tornado!

If two objects can be painted, one the surface to be attracted to (source) and the other the target (target the objects we want to attach to the source) then we would have directional magnetism. If you can shift the vertex assignments the way the soft select brush can when we select new verts, shrink and grow them then perhaps two objects with shifting vertex assignments could animate the spinning of objects on surfaces between keyframes..

Vertex Physics Hybrid Summery
*Solution for Clothing on physics enabled body
*Can allow for objects such as hair to disconnect and reverse like a magnet
*between several sources you can make parts shift to them (tornados, leaves blowing in the wind) Particles identified as vertex points could be interesting. Tree tops could have vertex assignments then you could have a few "wind emitters" which is essentially a sphere with vertex points. You could probably have automated vertex cycle for simulation for this rather than have to keyframe it.

If vertex assignment has an attraction element to it, perhaps consider creating a slider to adjust for repulsion.
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