iClone 7
Issue 6990
Fix tilting HIP issue when footcontrol is activated
I have reported this as a bug but it was closed without recognizing it as a serious problem. this needs some serious attention

Requests /Fix:

1. Disconnect the hips movement / rotation / tilting against the feet when foot / ground control is activated and using the gizmo (z) to drag the feet onto the ground

This would also solve the other problem where the skeleton get's pulled through the floor if Translate / Rotate is de-selected from the pelvis bone

The problems:

When using foot / groundcontrol and using the gizmo to pull the feet of the character down and when the foot / feet hitting the ground and there is still downwards movement input from the mouse, the pelvis tilt sideways and destroys any minute changes made to the animation, especially when animating the character from one of the left / right side ( in sideview )

When the feet hits the ground, any input from the mouse needs to be blocked / removed so the hips stay at the position it's been set at. This also is true when deselecting the (Translate /Rotate ) pinning from the pelvis and doing the above movement, and the skeleton instead get's pulled through the floor.

This happens with both stock characters in iClone and properly setup characters from 3D exchange

Also note at the very end of the video it shows when keep pushing the gizmo down the foot starts to slide sideways.
( i first use the pink square, but after this it's by the blue arrow, the foot still keeps sliding.)


Second video with a built in character.. same serious issue

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydoubblesixx