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Issue 6893
Footcontact issue where groundlevel isn't detected /preserved - manual animation
The error happens when using either characters from iClone 7.73 or other imported characters through 3DExchange, correctly setup with footcontact limits. This error is regarding manual animation by using the gizmos and the mouse

1. Place any character on ground
2. Turn off "Footcontact"
3. Select translate gizmo, vertical arrow to move foot straight down ( Vertical arrow = Blue arrow)
4. Keep moving the foot until it passes ground level and the hips will tilt to compensate the ground level difference

5. Reset the character to return to start position

6. Turn on "Footcontact".
7. Select translate gizmo, vertical/ blue arrow to move foot straight down
8. Keep moving the foot until it hit's the ground - then keep moving the mouse down as if the function was not turned on and the hips will - still - tilt to compensate the ground level difference

9. Also note that if you keep trying to move the foot downwards, as in step 8, the foot also starts to slide sideways, even though the vertical translation arrow on the gizmo is used.

Here is a link to show the problem. Foot slide is shown towards the end of the video

Updated with a second video showing the "Zane" character from default iClone library shares the problem
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydoubblesixx
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi doubblesixx,

This is the specification.Because the feet is lock,but hip can rotate,so it looks strange.If you want that foot don't move,you can uncheck the move of hip.