iClone 7
Released in 7.82
Issue 7217
Failed to load projects: Memory could not be read
I'm working on a high quality IClone film. My project files are large. I was able to load these files on 7.80, but after updating to 7.81, I am no longer able to load them. I've tried changing my settings to minimum and loading the project but nothing seems to get them to load. I also renamed the embedded video footage so the project wouldn't load them, and that didn't seem to help.

I went back to older projects of the same scene, that are 700MB less in size, and they won't load either.

I've attached a few project files.

Steps to replicate:
1. Try loading the project files

It's really discouraging to make a film in this software when the performance is horrible, and a few 512k-1k characters eat up half of your video memory. Please work on making IClone have better performance and memory management. Let me know if there's anything I can do to get my projects to load.

Thank you.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjames_muia
@Reallusion - I just loaded one of my project files that weren't loading again after updating to 7.82 and it loaded. I have low poly "remeshed" characters in this scene, so I have a feeling that this issue may be related to this:
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Hi james_muia,

Thank you for telling us.You are right.There are some LOD characters in your project.

Hi Ascensi, thanks for the reply. I've actually got my virtual memory set on both drives to 3 times the installed RAM of 32GB. I also have the latest video drivers.

Still though this scene won't load for me anymore.
I highly recommend that you set your Window Virtual memory to double the installed ram you have or just set it to 32 GB for the hard drive you have Reallusion programs installed and also any drive(s) that you might access projects outside of iClone from.  Start with a blank project and set to minimal mode at first, close iClone then open it up and load your project in minimal mode.  Also make sure you have the latest video drivers.. some video drivers have known to cause problems now and then.