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FBX export for Unreal makes changes in Character pose/animation
I am currently making turn-in-place animations with iClone7. I mainly use reach target editor and curve editor for IK movement of the feet while the whole body is moving (rotating). The Character is Unreal's default mannequin. (See the attached zip)

The thing is when I export it directly from iClone and import it to Unreal, the feet movement was slightly changed. The left foot should not be moving at all until the mid of the duration, but it is sliding before. While testing various exports and imports, I found that the pose itself was somewhat changed through the process. I found that the pose/anim is not changed if I send it to 3DXchange and export it there, which is not your recommendation. When I overlap the iClone exported with the original in Unreal Engine, there is a gap on the lower body part. The 3DXchange one has no difference. (See the attached images)

However, if I use 3DXchange, there is some rotation value errors for pelvis which needs to be switched to the root bone by another 3D tool..

In summary, the workflow goes like this. a. Animation in iClone > b-1. export fbx to Unreal > pose difference > b-2. send to 3DXchange and export to Unreal > c. export fbx from UE > d. import into other 3D tool for root bone animation, but X & Z rotation values are strange in pelvis

If b-1 has no problem in pose gap, I guess the rest of the problems might be gone..
I am not sure if this is because I missed something in the process, or direct exporting from iClone needs further improvement.

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byhm7063
Even the Unreal's default A pose shows the same problem.. (The one in red from iClone, gray is the original. Both at the same location)
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I just found another change in twist bones from the iClone export.
See the upper arms and legs from the attached.
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Hi Molly,

I tried importing and exporting with the original animation file without any amendments. Importing fbx was done via 3DXchange and the exporting was directly from the iClone.
And the result is like attached. Red character is the original and the gray one is from iClone. 
When I put both on the same location (0.0.0), the difference is distinctive. Even when I move the iClone one to overlap(0.-4.0), the pose is not exactly same as the color indicates. 

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Hi hm7063,

Maybe you need check Bake Constraint Key before exporting FBX.Otherwise, the motion does not contain the reach key.Please open Animation menu > Motion Setting Options,check Bake Constraint Key,then export fbx and import it to Unreal.Can you tell me the resoult?

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