Character Creator 4
Released in 4.3
Issue 9112
FBX Batch Export issue
Steps to reproduce the issue

1. Create a new project in CC4 and add the Camila character to the scene (Also tested with the neutral male and female characters same result)
2. Open the Perform List Editor and add a .italk file from the Digital Soul collection
3. File > Export > FBX > Clothed Character - export settings in attached image
4. In the include motion section select "Custom" and then press the "Load Perform" button
5. Press the export button and choose a save location

Expected Result:
A character mesh file and a set of animation files including a file for each of the iTalk animations in the perform list

Actual Result:
Once per .iTalk file the export pauses at 72% and then shows an error dialog (screenshot attached)

I noticed that when I try to add an animation to the custom list int the export dialog, it only accepts .iMotion .rlMotion and .iMotionPlus files whereas the perform list editor also accepts .fbx, .bvh, and .iTalk files. Despite that limitation in the export window, .iTalk files can be added to the custom motion list via the "Load Perform" button. I'm guessing that this is failing because it's trying to export from an unsupported format.

If I instead apply the .italk animation to the character and then export the current animation, it works and I get an fbx file containing the digital soul animation on my character, but there's no way to do that in a batched way using the custom export list and becomes quite tedious to do for every desired animation. Ideally, it would be great to export those .iTalk animations using this batch export functionality.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byZimos
I can confirm I am having the same issue
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