Character Creator 3
Issue 6738
Extended JSON information in pipeline export
Hi, I've enjoyed the export pipeline for Unity a lot, but there are a few things that are quite cumbersome still.
For games that want to export clothing variants for their characters, it would be nice to take advantage of the "hide vertices" information that comes with clothing in CC3. This is information that can't easily be baked into a general purpose auto-importer for Unity/UE4, as it would require shader-specific code to hide vertices for characters in the game engine.

But what I request is the option to export this data to a general-purpose JSON file, so that we as game developers can take advantage of this information in our games with our own custom solutions. This would be very valuable, and a massive time saver.

Right now I have been experimenting with exporting mixed bodypart variations and manually mapped which bodyparts should show/hide based on which clothing-pieces are equipped, but this is a very tedious process, and require a large amount of body-parts to be exported per body-shape. Specially when you need to go back into CC3 to make adjustments to the body-shape, and then have to export all these bodypart variations again simply is not viable for a game production environment.

Since the information is all there in CC3, it would be so great if we were allowed the ability to take advantage of this for our games. Is there motivation at Reallusion to provide export information like this? Or is this not within the vision of CC3s export tools at the moment?

Thank you for your time.
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