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Issue 7866
Exporting CC3+ Characters Crashes UE4.26.2 and UE4.25.4 via auto
Steps to Reproduce:

1. Export CC3+ Character to FBX format for Unreal
2. Import FBX file to Unreal
3. Shows that it can generates new materials initially then crashes

This happened ever since I started converting my characters from CC3 to CC3+
I also tried reducing the fbx complexity (convert to game base, not use auto lods, decrease image size, embedded materials) but nothing works.

I've been holding off using CC3+ characters for my game hoping the issues would be resolved by now but after a few months, this issue still comes up.

Here's an issue I found which looks very similar to mine:

But has yet to be resolved.

I hope you can look into this soon.

Thank you!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bygoldwynlau
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Private Comment
Hi Joanne,

"UE-DynamicLocomotion" is the ue4 file name and a test file I use to import CC characters into.
I'll send you both the UE4 file I use as well as the FBX I'm trying to import to it right after this.
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From your attached image, it says "An Unreal process has crashed: UE-DynamicLocomotion".
Is this a plugin or BP? Please give us more information (eg. webpage link)
I also google "Unreal Locomotion" to get these projects:

But I still can not reproduce your crash, in your case, do all CC3+ characters (eg. embed characters) cause the crash, or some specific characters?
Could you provide your UE project for us in private post? 

Thank you,
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