Character Creator 4
Issue 8756
Essential: Option to Detect & Copy Weights On Bone Hierarchy Via color & Paste to Duplicate without effecting verts where they were copied from
(Essential for getting complex characters weight painted quickly that have duplicated joints) I have duplicated hands & arms but we should be able to paste the joint weights as the a new area on the existing body that exists as duplicate joints without effecting the same verts where they were copied from.

This would speed up the creation of complex creatures/characters that are using CC bones with HIK Characterization.

It would likely make the CC4 weight painter the most advanced weight painter of its kind, I haven't seen this available anywhere else.

How it would work: upon user action pressing an option to fill in all or selected duplicated joint hierarchies, CC4 detects the duplicates and copies the same weight colors rather than the vertices' influence where they were copied from.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Eventually users would be able to use the paint bucket/fill tool on identical/duplicated joints. When joint's are identical they could be fully recognized and global or selected duplicated joints can be animated or mocaped simultaneously then offset later to look more organic.
This bone hierarchy detection concept should be fairly simple to implement. It doesn't even necessarily need to be autodetect because  when the user makes a multi-part presets, the presets would contain subsets to be able to switch hand, head, leg or arm duplicated bone hierarchies and could be then tagged as a duplicate and when painting, it could copy the colors of the duplicate to the others either selected or globally in the weight painter area.  

This detection system could be complemented and created by the Multi-Part Characterization Preset Creation
Also match Joint rotation on duplicates either set globally or via selected would also be helpful.