iClone 7
Issue 7237
EditorActiveCamera disappears after transferring character again
Step to reproduce:

1. Create scene with a character
2. Add camera and attach camera to the character
3. Send it to Unreal (works fine)
4. Send character to CC3
5. Detach camera because otherwise iClone will crash
6. Send character back to iClone
7. Attach camera again
8. Send updated character to Unreal

--> No more EditorActiveCamera

Deleting all the folders in RLContent helps. It's possible to transfer again and EditorActiveCamera reappears.

Probably not all folders need to be removed, but I didn't experiment with that.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byalexis.kyaw
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Everytime i try to transfer i see these issues, I tried to put this in  my personal account support tickets, all the response i get is please make sure you are using the updated iClone this and that, after telling number of times that my iClone 7 and all its component are fully updated via Reallusion Hub.
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I am noticing the similar issues.

1. It always throws the exception in Unreal engine while transferring the characters, earlier I was clicking on send & restart to unreal engine, didn't help at all. Then I started closing that crash message box appears in Unreal. I get the character there.

2. Somehow i needed to transfer the character again, and No camera, no lights only character. Its painful.

Version of Unreal engine : 4.25

iClone : 7.82.4515.1
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi alexis.kyaw,

Can you tell me which version your Unreal is?

I noticed that deleting the content in Unreal sometimes requires to close Unreal, open the project on disk and remove the RLContent folder there (after removing the object from the scene in Unreal). This also avoids the messages about references and object still loaded in memory.

I hope it is clear that it would be nicer if it just worked.

(Did you notice that iClone crashes if you edit a Character by sending it to CC and then send it back if there's a camera that's attached to the character?)

These two issues are seriously breaking the whole workflow in my opinion. I do a lot of cameras that are attach to the characters, so the whole iClone/CC and iClone/Unreal workflow is unusable for my style of camera motion.
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