iClone 7
Issue 7237
EditorActiveCamera disappears after transferring character again
Step to reproduce:

1. Create scene with a character
2. Add camera and attach camera to the character
3. Send it to Unreal (works fine)
4. Send character to CC3
5. Detach camera because otherwise iClone will crash
6. Send character back to iClone
7. Attach camera again
8. Send updated character to Unreal

--> No more EditorActiveCamera

Deleting all the folders in RLContent helps. It's possible to transfer again and EditorActiveCamera reappears.

Probably not all folders need to be removed, but I didn't experiment with that.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byalexis.kyaw
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Hi alexis.kyaw,

I'm very sorry that this is related to the internal mechanism of unreal,the suggestion is that don't check camera and other content which needn't transfer again ,when you transfer the second time.

Regarding the observations of @utiba.ajeet : UE is crashing on me a lot if I try to transfer the whole scene using the plugin. It works for me as long as I don't attach cameras to the character.

I noticed there was a minor update of both the plugin and of iClone yesterday or the day before.

Let me try it now... well, you still can't replace a character with an attached camera in iClone. So I'm detaching the camera, load again (starting iClone twice, because first time the smart gallery will give an error). Hm. Now I have two cameras, the one on the character has lost the camera movement though. Ok, deleting the camera coming from CC.

Actually this time the EditorActiveCamera was still there. I will try again with the difference there was, which is that I did not create an iClone origin in the last test. Maybe this problem was fixed with the latest upate.
Hi, I'm using Unreal 4.25.3
Nasty errors :(
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I tried to delete all the content from unreal and tried to reimport this time its another weird issue no shaders.
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